Required Physicals

DOT, FAA, MTA, law enforcement, & more

Whatever employment-related physicals, tests, and exams your company requires, Carroll Occupational Health has you covered. We’ll even create new tests and procedures to fit your unique needs. COH can provide testing to firefighters, law enforcement, DOT, emergency responders, and more.

Tests we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Executive physical exams: Extensive, comprehensive exams that go beyond standard physical exams. These can include advanced labs, imaging screens, assessments of cognitive function and emotional health, and more.
  • Respirator fit testing: This helps ensure respirators properly fit the face of the person who wears it.
  • Hearing and vision testing: These simple tests can determine if your employees have any hearing or vision problems.
  • Fit for duty testing: Make sure your employees can safely perform their jobs.
  • Return-to-work testing: These tests are performed to ensure your employee is fit to return to work after an illness, injury, surgery, or extended absence.
  • WorkSTEPS: A legally-compliant functional testing system that can determine if a job candidate is capable of safely performing job functions.